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Perpignan is a city of in the suoth west of France
13 km from the Mediterranian cost
and 25 km from the border of Spain.
It is the Prefecture of the Department Pyrenees Orientales (66).

Perpignan is the 4th largest city
of the the region Occitanie.

Hyacinthe Rigaud (1659 - 1743)
was born in Perpignan.
He became a famous portrait painter
under the reign of Louis XIV.

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Perpignan is also known for
Histoire Naturelle Museum, Hyacinthe Rigaud Museum

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Gare Trainstation
9 avenue du General de Gaulle
66000 Perpignan
+33 4 68 51 37 40

Airport Rivessalte
66000 Perpignan
+33 4 68 61 18 77

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Fountain in Perpignan, photo by Babsy